3 Factors That Affect Child Support Amount

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Child support essentially pertains to every child’s right to receive support from their parents. Under Canadian law, child support falls under both the Divorce Act and Family Law Act, all designed to provide families with ample protection against violence, discrimination, and other forms of harm.

For divorced couples, however, the question of child support can be a sensitive issue. This is particularly true when figuring out how much should be paid monthly, but keep in mind that other factors come into play. Apart from financial support, parents are also expected to provide a certain amount of time for their children. Their ability to provide will also be taken into consideration, along with the stability of their income flow.

The question now stands—how exactly do these specific factors affect the child support amount to be given monthly? More importantly, how much should child support be in Canada?


Understanding Child Support in Canada: Factors to Consider

Given the complex layered nature of Family Law and Divorce laws, the Government of Canada has designed a guideline that helps a parent determine how much support they’re responsible for. Here are the factors are taken into consideration during the calculation process:


Factor #1: Your Income

Child support is mainly a financial issue, which is why it’s evaluated based on the income of both parents. These are then categorized by jurisdiction and province, but bear in mind that these factors will also be part of the equation:

  • The amount of annual income received by each of the parents
  • The custody arrangement
  • The special or extraordinary expenses needed to ensure good child care and upbringing
  • The undue hardship placed on the other parent as a result of the divorce


Factor #2: The Parenting Arrangement

Apart from the income, time is also a necessary factor in determining the child support amount. The time a child spends with each parent plays an important role, especially since it’s expected for the child (or children) to spend more time with the other parent. As such, daily costs such as clothing and groceries need to be accounted for, falling under the parenting arrangement.


Factor #3: The Children’s Age

Last but not least, the children’s ages must also be taken into consideration. Keep in mind that a child reaching 19 in Canada can no longer be supported, but certain factors such as illness, disability and other special circumstances call for an exemption.


Proper Child Support as Your Expression of Love and Care

Although these factors can indeed affect your child’s support, your sole responsibility is to always take care of your child. Everything must be for the benefit of your child, not just because it falls within their rights but because they deserve your love and care.

Keep in mind that it is also within your legal obligation to adhere to these support orders, meaning that there will be consequences should you fail to do so. Should child support be impossible to do given your circumstances, however, it’s important to remember that there are other options available in Canada. All you need is a helping hand.

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