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Will and Estate Planning Services in Surrey.

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Personalized Will and Estate Planning in Surrey

At Dreyer and Associates, we understand the deeply personal nature of will and estate planning. Our team, serving Surrey, brings years of experience in helping individuals and families plan for the future with confidence. We ensure that your will is customized to reflect your unique wishes and the specific needs of your family in Surrey.

Estate Planning with Tax Considerations in Surrey

Estate planning often involves tax implications. Working collaboratively with your accountant, Dreyer and Associates can assist with all aspects of your estate planning needs in Surrey, ensuring a comprehensive approach that covers all bases.

Start Your Estate Planning Journey in Surrey

Unsure where to begin with your estate planning in Surrey? Our team at Dreyer and Associates, with over 90 years of combined experience, is ready to guide you through the process, saving you time and protecting your interests.

Power of Attorney

While your will takes effect after your passing, a power of attorney is crucial for managing your financial and legal affairs during your lifetime. This document authorizes a chosen individual to handle tasks like paying bills, banking, or managing property on your behalf in Surrey. It’s particularly important for advance planning, ensuring that your chosen attorney can legally manage your affairs if you become mentally incapable.

Representation Agreement

Often referred to as a living will, this agreement outlines your medical treatment preferences in situations where you’re unable to express your wishes, such as catastrophic injury or terminal illness. It’s a vital document for maintaining dignity and ensuring your healthcare preferences are respected in Surrey.