Spousal Support Surrey

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Spousal Support Legal Services in Surrey.

At Dreyer and Associates, we understand that spousal support (also known as alimony or maintenance) is a critical issue in the aftermath of a separation or divorce. Serving the Surrey community, we provide expert guidance on whether you are entitled to spousal support and the extent of such support. It’s important to note that spousal support is not automatically granted upon separation; it requires a clear demonstration of entitlement.

Understanding Entitlement to Spousal Support in Surrey

There are three primary grounds for entitlement to spousal support in Surrey:

  1. Compensatory: This is for compensation for the economic sacrifices made during the relationship, such as a partner who stayed at home to care for children.

  2. Non-compensatory: This is based on the financial hardships faced by the recipient following the relationship breakdown.

  3. Contractual: This is when both parties agree on spousal support terms.

Once entitlement is established, the next step is determining the amount (quantum) of spousal support, guided by the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines.

Tailored Spousal Support Solutions in Surrey

Spousal support considerations vary significantly from case to case. The experienced team at Dreyer and Associates in Surrey can assist you with key questions such as:

  • Am I entitled to spousal support?
  • How much spousal support will I receive?
  • How long will the spousal support last?
  • When will spousal support payments end?

Spousal support is often negotiated as part of a divorce or separation settlement. Our skilled lawyers in Surrey are committed to guiding you through these questions and helping you make informed decisions about your spousal support case.