Looking for a family lawyer? Read these Family Law FAQ first!

With 60 years of combined experience at our firm, we’ve heard it all! Here are some of the family law FAQ we get most often:

Is it legal to download separation agreement templates online?

No, however there are so many unknowns when purchasing any legal document templates online. Using one of our lawyers to draft these agreements will initially cost more than downloading a cheap one from Google, however, it will provide you with a legally polished document that avoids common pitfalls and uncertainties which come with “homemade” agreements. Having the courts deal with uncertainties caused by “homemade” agreements costs many times more than having it done properly in the first place by one of our experienced family law lawyers.

Can I draft and file my own divorce documents?

While you can do this yourself, the court process is complicated and finicky. This on top of the emotional rollercoaster you’re already on. Working with one of our divorce lawyers is less stressful and they can often recommend other remedies including mediation. Even if your divorce is uncontested (both parties agree to all terms amicably), it’s a relatively affordable process to have one of our family lawyers review your case with you.

How are parenting arrangements determined?

We’ve seen the law shows on TV saying things like “in the best interest of the child…” but in real life, it’s slightly more complicated. While the childs’ best interests play a big role, so many other variables come into play. Each case is evaluated individually and our experienced lawyers can help you get the best child parenting arrangement possible.

What is spousal support?

Spousal support is used to support a spouse who can’t financially support themselves. However, the issue is far more complicated than this as the recipient spouse must also prove entitlement. There is a reasonable expectation that the supported spouse be working towards self-sufficiency if possible.

What is a power of attorney?

This is when you appoint someone to handle your financial or legal affairs when, for example, you are unable to due to a lengthy vacation or extended hospital stay. It can be very general or specific depending on your needs and ends when specified in the agreement, or when you are no longer mentally capable of making your own decisions. Learn more about power of attorney’s in this recent blog article from Dreyer and Associates.

These are just a few of the family law FAQ we get most often. Family law is a very personalized and complex area of law, but our team of compassionate lawyers will be with you every step of the way to ensure you understand all family law FAQ you have. To get in touch with our team, feel free to contact our office.





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