Looking for a Divorce Lawyer: First, Consider the Following

Any divorce lawyer worth their salt won’t always proceed with a separation or divorce trial. They will always consider certain decisions to put you, their client, in a better situation. Here are those considerations for review before you file for divorce, separation, or proceed with a family case in court:

Consult with a Divorce Lawyer

Consulting with a divorce and family attorney early on can help you understand your rights and obligations and how best to protect yourself. Your attorney can also provide you with a checklist of materials to collect and a cost estimate. Taking the time to gather documents before the breakup can make things easier in the long run.

Reassess Your Finances

Divorce is a costly endeavour, with certain cases costing nearly $3,000! To understand your financial situation, you must know you and your spouse’s income. Make a list of all the assets you own and debts you owe. Find out how much debt each of you has and how much joint debt you have. 

Determine the approximate value of the properties you or your spouse own or jointly own. Collect and keep all relevant documents such as bank statements, credit card statements, mortgage statements, and proof of ownership of assets.

Align Your Personal Affairs

It is important to act quickly on any financial matters that need to be taken care of before filing for divorce, such as updating wills, estate planning, and refinancing. Doing so can help prevent the other party from applying for a financial restraining order which could freeze your bank accounts if granted by the court.

Proactively Set Some Cash Aside

Due to their complexity, divorce or family law proceedings may take a financial and emotional toll on you, so it’s wise to be prepared for the costs that may arise.

Have an emergency fund set aside to cover your expenses during the process. Remember that you are likely going from having two incomes to just one, so make sure you have money saved to pay for your living costs and legal fees.

Additionally, depending on the complexity of your case, you can ask the court for a cash advance to help fund your legal representation. Talk to your attorney to see if this is viable.

Journal Any Minor or Major Event Leading Up to the Trial

If custody or parenting matters are at hand, it’s important to document your involvement with your children and your spouse’s lack of involvement. Journalling is a good way to keep track of the situation and store relevant information. This includes emails and text messages, calendars of activities you have done with your children, and any your spouse has missed. If family violence is involved, include incidents in your journal too.

In Closing, Avoid Social Media, Too

Divorce and separation proceedings are grueling enough, so there’s no need to worsen the situation by posting or ranting about it on social media. It could also incriminate you, so it’s always best to only discuss certain matters with your divorce lawyer.

Considering Divorce or Separation? Talk to Dreyer and Associates Lawyers LLP

When it comes to serious, family-affecting matters like these, always consult with the proper legal representatives to ensure the proper processes and remuneration with as little fallout as possible. Professional attorneys, like those from Dreyer and Associates Lawyers LLP, will always resolve the problem objectively without protracting the situation any further.  

As divorce lawyers, we always commit to putting your family’s best interests first, facing law issues with compassion and confidence. Get to know us by booking a consultation through our website right now!





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