How Hiring a Lawyer Can Help with Property Division


Property division is a complex process that can be difficult to navigate, especially in British Columbia. When a couple is going through a divorce, they are legally obligated to divide their property equitably according to the laws of British Columbia. It is essential to understand these laws and how they may affect a divorce settlement. Hiring a lawyer can help make this process easier and ensure that the couple’s rights are protected.

Here, we’re diving deeper into how hiring a lawyer can help with property division:

How Hiring a Lawyer Can Help With Property Division in British Columbia

Divorces are often complicated and difficult times in the lives of couples. One of the most important parts of the process is ensuring all assets and property are divided in an orderly and fair fashion. In British Columbia, couples who are considering divorce and property division should strongly consider hiring a lawyer to ensure that the process is handled properly.

Understanding British Columbia’s Laws Surrounding Property Division

The first step in understanding the benefits of hiring a lawyer for property division in British Columbia is learning the laws governing asset division. In British Columbia, like most other provinces, there is an equal division of net family property law in place. This law means that couples who are dissolving their marriages must divide their assets 50/50, as outlined in the Family Law Act.

The specifics surrounding family property division in British Columbia can be rather complicated and having a lawyer who understands the laws and regulations can be highly beneficial. It is important to consider the fact that legally, even any assets that are in one partner’s name only can still be considered family property and will be divided equally.

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

Divining assets and property can be a long and drawn-out process if both parties are not in agreement. Hiring a lawyer helps save time and money and avoid potential conflict that could arise if one party is unhappy and takes the other to court.

A lawyer can help you to seek the best possible outcome for both parties. They can liaise with the other lawyer to negotiate a fair and equal split of assets. They can also provide vital legal guidance and advice throughout the entire process.

If the split of assets is complicated, such as when a business or considerable real estate is involved, a lawyer will be invaluable in ensuring both parties’ interests are taken care of.

Division of Debt

In addition to dividing the family’s assets, a divorce will also involve dividing any debts the couple has acquired during their marriage. Determining how these will be divided can be complicated, and having a lawyer on board can help things move along much more quickly, as they understand the applicable regulations and how to ensure a fair outcome.

Family Maintenance Issues

In addition to asset division, lawyers can be just as invaluable in assisting with family maintenance issues. Lawyers help couples in British Columbia understand and negotiate the payments, benefits, and obligations that will apply after the divorce is finalized. If a spouse is unwilling to participate in this process, having a lawyer on board can be the best way to seek a fair and equitable solution.


All in all, there is a multitude of advantages to hiring a lawyer to help with the property division in British Columbia. A lawyer can provide valuable advice and guidance throughout the entire process and help ensure that the outcome is as fair and equitable as possible. Although handling the process without legal assistance might be possible, it would be wise to seek professional help to enable an effective and satisfactory resolution.

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