Our Guide for Choosing the Right Family or Divorce Lawyer

Separating from your partner is never easy, but navigating the dissolution of a marriage is even more complicated. If you have children, you’ll have to worry about custody on top of property division and claiming your assets, along with all the other aspects that you’ll have to deal with in a divorce. It is also essential to make sure you have the right divorce lawyer to represent you in court and fight for what you need.

However, having a competent family or divorce lawyer by your side isn’t enough. You’ll need to have a good relationship and be comfortable enough with them since you’ll be giving them incredibly personal information about your marriage. Although cost is a crucial factor, you should consider the expertise and experience of the lawyer as well to ensure the best outcome for you. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the bright family or divorce lawyer for your needs:


Separating the Good Lawyers From the Bad

As is the case with everything, there are good lawyers and bad lawyers, so it’s important to learn how to separate the two. Hiring a competent divorce lawyer involves doing plenty of research and ensuring they apply to your circumstances. For example, you may need a collaborative and settlement-oriented lawyer, or you may need an aggressive lawyer if your relationship turned sour very quickly.


How to Find the Right Family or Divorce Lawyer

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you narrow your search for the best legal representation:


1. Ask Your Network for Recommendations

Your friends and family may know a top-tier lawyer that would work great for your situation, so it always helps to ask around. If they’ve had personal experience with their recommendations, they can offer you a comprehensive review of the lawyers’ services and expertise. Their suggestions are easier to vet and trust because they’re from people close to you, giving you a great starting point.


2. Research Reviews


Whether you’ve browsed online for lawyer recommendations or you’ve gotten some good ones from your network, you’ll need to research their reviews and reputation. You’ll come across a treasure trove of reviews that dive deep into other people’s experiences with these lawyers, giving you an idea of what it will be like to work with them. It will also give you a bigger picture of the range of services these lawyers provide.


3. Do Not Choose a Lawyer Based on Firm Size

Many people make the mistake of selecting a lawyer based on the firm’s size, but this doesn’t always mean that you’ll get the best kind of service. Although this isn’t always the case, large firms tend to pass clients from one associate to another, effectively prolonging your case and making it more expensive. However, you’ll hit the ground running when working with a lawyer from a boutique firm, as they’ll pay close attention to your case from day one.


4. Set a Meeting with Them

The only way to know whether a lawyer is right for your situation is to set a meeting with them. Ask all the questions you have and keep an eye on how they respond to you. The lawyer you work with must be trustworthy and compatible with you, as you should feel comfortable sharing information about your marriage with them. If you feel like you can’t be open with them, you’ll want to continue your search.

It’s also important to choose an honest lawyer instead of one who tells you only what you want to hear. They need to be reasonable with you and tell you whether the desired outcome of your case is feasible or not and what you can do to reach it. Additionally, choose a lawyer with exceptional negotiating skills. They can settle your case faster without needing to go to court, keeping your fees at a minimum.



Hiring the best divorce lawyer for your case will reduce the stress and headaches that tend to come with the dissolution of a marriage, saving you valuable time and money. By following our guide, you’ll find an excellent lawyer who will work towards achieving your expected outcome.

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