Family Mediation: Our Fraser Valley Citizen’s Guide

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In today’s world, the field of law is ever-growing with its different sectors that each have their correspondence to certain forms of protections that help preserve the rights of every citizen.

From corporate law and its increasingly strict financial standards to the ever-complex area of criminal law, each face comes filled with an assortment of details that any law-abiding citizen should know of. When it comes to family law, the need to know its basic details, amendments, and offered protections is critical because of how much of a difference they can make in certain situations.

And the most important of these available protections is family mediation.


What is family mediation?

Family mediation is a type of protection afforded by law to resolve possible issues relating to all aspects of family law in a controlled and organized manner.

Facilitated by a certified mediator who helps manage discussions around issues and helps find a resolution in a controlled manner, this particular process is critical as it provides solutions for separation or divorce-related matters. Whether you’re finding a solution for a parenting, support, or property division issue, scheduling mediation will allow you to iron out matters smoothly before further complications arise.


When is family mediation sought, and who is capable of providing it?

Generally, the opportunity to seek family mediation is a possibility that is considered before a court case is undertaken. In some rare cases, this same process is also an optimal course of action that can be undertaken in the midst of a court case as it helps prevent the need for further litigation on most occasions.

When it comes to determining who is capable of facilitating the process of family mediation, social workers, lawyers, and psychologists can assume the role as their professions equips them with the necessary skills. Through the knowledge of these experts, you will be able to find proactive solutions for any major problems that you may be facing within your own family without jeopardizing your rights and obligations.


Why should you seek it?

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you may need the services of a family mediator, there are several indicators that will confirm the value of doing so. To best understand when the best time to call in an expert is, here are some reasons and key signs you should enlist our family mediation services:


You’re looking for a solution without a lengthy litigation process

Admittedly, the process of settling family disputes or matters in court can be a messy matter because of how legality can further sour things and the fact that the severity of decisions can be excessive or unjust at times. Through a family dispute, you’ll be able to find a plausible solution without the need for court dates or litigation fees, as mediators will establish and force a civilized discussion for amicable settlements.


You’re looking to make your resolution process more private

One of the main flaws of public litigation processes is that they leave the sensitive information and experiences of struggling families privy to the perspective of outsiders, which can be quite uncomfortable.

During a family mediation process, you won’t have to worry about having your private family matter be subject to the discussion of unwelcome eyes and mouths because it is a more private process held behind closed doors. Considering that your actual situation is one that delves into matters that you wouldn’t otherwise tell a stranger about (such as infidelity, criminal activity, and the like), it’s optimal to settle such cases through family mediation!



While there are many different aspects of modern family law that you should be aware of, the one enjoyable right and opportunity that’s worth keeping in mind is family mediation. Through the help of this process, you’ll be able to find better solutions with ease and keep an eye out for helpful opportunities that will make it easier to ensure that your family easily makes it through this tough time!

Dreyer and Associates Lawyers LLP specializes in family mediation for families all over Langley, BC. If you’re having trouble with settling a serious matter in your family but wish not to take it to court, our experts can be of service—get in touch with us today!





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