Benefits of working with will and estate lawyers

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A will is a very personal thing and is unique to every person. This is why to make sure your wishes are honored, we always suggest creating your will with professional will and estate lawyers.

Here are four reasons why this is to your benefit:

1. They are more comprehensive than a DIY will:

We can go online to learn anything these days, even download will and estate templates. While we can do this, we don’t recommend it because these DIY guides and templates are too generic and may not apply to your unique situation. With a professional will and estate lawyer on your side, they can ensure your documents are legally binding and help suggest any additional information that may better help your wishes be carried out.

2. They’re up-to-date on court cases:

Every time a new case goes to court, there is a potential that it will set a new precedent that could affect your case. A lawyer who specializes in wills and estates keeps themselves current on all news cases in this specialized segment of law. They can then better serve you and give you the professional legal advice you need to win your case.

3. They help you look at the big picture:

Many areas of law are interconnected so an experienced will and estate lawyer will know to recommend other legal documents or actions that will provide you with the best overall results. For example, in addition to a legal will, we may often recommend a power of attorney and a representation agreement. These will complement your will and further help ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event you are incapacitated.

4. You’ll save time, energy, money:

You can turn to Google to answer all your will and estate questions, but if you have a will and estate lawyer you can ask them and get not only the correct legal answer but an answer that is unique to you. Also, if you don’t have your legal documents in order, it may cost your will executor and family more in professional fees, court costs and taxes to get it corrected.

Save yourself and your family time, money, and stress by ensuring your legal documents are prepared by a professional will and estate lawyer. If you need any advice regarding your will or estate documents, we’d be happy to review your situation with you. Get started by filling in this brief questionnaire so we can get to know you better.





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